Hagord's Thoughts

All things,
I went to a place where i could hold you again.

There are various feelings in one thing.
The thought of the producer who devised it to make the world a little better.
The pride of the artisans who are particular about quality and never compromise.
I fell in love with the thing that I met casually at first sight, and the chest throbbing when I bought it on impulse.
A lovely feeling of time spent with things.
All things are filled with such thoughts.
We can't make things.
However, it is possible to connect the thought stuck in the thing.
We don't throw away any things.
By delivering it to the next person,
Making Society and the World a Better Place
I want to change it.


Nice to meet you, This is Hagor.

A world where all things are naturally reused.
I started running for the time being to achieve that.

One company "started running for the time being"
Do you feel a little irresponsible?
But if you don't get off to a good start,
Nothing starts. That's what I thought.
Our store name, hugall, is
"To catch all things that are no longer in use,
I'll deliver it to the new owner who will hold me next."
It expresses the corporate mission.
And it's never even been done by anyone
It means a challenge to a grand dream.
Here's what we've been thinking. What you're doing now.
And although I can't do it now,
It is written that it is going to be realized someday.
By all means, please know. That we Hagord.

How will the world change if reuse becomes natural?

If reuse becomes everyone's thing,
The world is going to change suddenly.
Imagine together.
Reuse has become a natural thing in the not-too-distant future.

From all over the world, garbage is reduced?

If "selling" becomes the standard rather than "throwing away", garbage can be reduced from all over the world.

Is it easier to buy brand stuff?

It is a brand that is not easy to come out with a new product. If there are many reusable products on the market that are affordable, brand edres will also become familiar.

Will you be more careful about things?

The thing which I bought is my thing and the thing which sells at the same time someday. It becomes natural to treat things with care by such consideration.

Make the world happy by reuse

Without throwing away the things that can be used, it connects to the next, and it makes use of it. Is the act of reuse hindering consumption? Some people seem to care about such a thing, but we think it's the other way around. The era of mass production and mass consumption is long over. A more aggressive, lean, new style of life based on reuse is sure to become the standard for the future.

Sellers can get a new shopping opportunity.

Things you don't use sell quickly. If it becomes natural, the storage space of your home should always be refreshing. The funds you earn by selling can be used for your next purchase. A new cycle of consumption, "buy, own, sell..." is much more reasonable than the traditional flow of consumption: "buy, own, and throw away..."

For those who buy, it brings the opportunity of various challenges.

I've been worried about it for a long time, but it's hard to get a new one. Isn't there such a thing? At that time, the reused product that the price is affordable is a little happy existence. The more you choose to use reusable products, the more opportunities you get to get a variety of things. The enjoyment of shopping will also spread greatly.

More things will be able to meet new owners.

A lot of things that were put together in the corner of the house with the thought "I can still use it..." Don't you think it's a pity? For you, there must be people who want something they don't use. It should be happier for things to be used with care by the next owner by reuse rather than being left in place.

What you don't need may be someone's want.


To all customers,
At fair manners.

Hagor will solve your concerns and concerns about reuse.

Everyone in the world
I enjoy reuse as a matter of course.
In order to realize such a future, our services
It is essential to be first-class.
"It's a second-hand business, so it's good for this degree..."
I don't think that such a sweetness will be forgiven.
In order to ensure that all customers can use our services with peace of mind and trust,
We conduct thorough fair manners.
Because it is the service that many people use for the first time, anxiety and various worries that i feel.
Hagor takes all of that,
I would like to solve this problem with a top-notch service.

Right now,
HugAllIt is not.

We will realize a world in which all things are naturally reused.

Friends who sympathize with this idea gather,
Hagorwasour was founded in April 2013.

I continue to try and experiment every day, but unfortunately I'm still
The development of sales channels is half way through, and we do not have the ability to accept all things.

Right. Right now, we can't say hiaol.
But we will continue to move forward step by step, and one day we will make it happen.

All things are naturally reused,
To a happy world for things and people.
Hagoro running toward such an ideal,
I hope you will be strict, warm, and watch over us.