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Company profile

Bookoff Corporation Co., Ltd.

Secondhand dealer license number: No. 452760001146 Kanagawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission permission

Zip code 252-0344 Kofun 2-14-20, Minami-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Toll-free: 0120-37-8906

Store Manager: Wataru Suzuki
Store Security Officer: Hideki Onoe
Store Contact: support@hugall

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About business hours

We accept inquiries by order and e-mail 24 hours a day.

Opening hours: 10:00-13:00/14:00-16:00
(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and Year-end and New Year holidays)

Contact: support@hugall

In principle, we will reply within 24 hours excluding holidays.
Please cancel the domain designation. There is a case that the mail from our shop does not arrive by the junk mail measures etc.
Please note that we may not be able to respond within 24 hours as we will take some time to confirm your product inquiry.

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About the consumption tax

Consumption tax rate 10%
Sales tax calculation order Consumption tax calculation for each product
Less than 1 yen consumption tax fraction Truncation

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About the product

About the product

In this site, we have a lot of highly rare products of only one point.
We share stock at multiple stores, and there is a case where the product that you ordered becomes a missing item because the stock number update is not in time depending on the timing.
Please understand in advance.

About the status of the product

There are various products from new unused goods to used (used) products.
Therefore, we explain the status of each product as a photograph and product information.
We judge that the customer has purchased the state of the product on the basis of consent. Please purchase it after understanding the nature of used goods.

About the inquiry of the product

Please contact us from "Contact Us" on the product page.
Due to product management reasons, we will refrain from responding by phone.
We are pleased to receive your understanding.
If you have any questions that need to be confirmed by the department in charge, you will be charged 1-3 business days in principle.
Depending on the content, it may take more time. Please understand.
After receiving your order, please contact us before placing your order in order to enter the shipping process soon (the timing of the shipping work depends on your order).

About the confirmation of the product thing

We provide services to customers to actually pick up and check the products listed in our store.
If you wish, please make a reservation from "Try it on at the store" on the product page.

About the size of the product

Please check the size on each product page.
In principle, we do not accept requests for measurementother than remeasurement and notation size,
If you see an obvious size difference, we will respond.

About accessories of goods

Because it is used goods, there is a case that accessories that were originally attached, such as ribbons and replacement belts, are not available.
Please confirm that all of the items in the product image and those listed in the product description will be.

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About orders

About the change of the contents of the order

In order to smoothly ship your order,Notice of shipment arrangementPlease note that we do not accept changes or cancellations of your order after sending an email.


We are unable to accept multiple orders.


You can't change your payment method.
Only if a credit card is not available, we may ask you to change your payment method.


After your order is completed,Notice of shipment arrangementWe accept cancellation of your order before sending an email.
Please fill in the subject line as follows, and clearly state the following in the text,HereThank you for contacting us.

[Subject] Cancellation of the order
[Order Number]
[Customer's name]

If you wish to cancel some of your orders, please add the product name.


After your order is completed,Notice of shipment arrangementOnly before sending an email, we accept changes at our store.

[Subject] About the change of the delivery address
[Order Number]
[Customer's name]
[Postal code and address after change]
[Phone number after change]
After clearly statingHerePlease contact us at .

Please contact the shipping company directly for any change in delivery address after shipment.
If the payment method is [Cash on delivery], we cannot accept the address change after the shipment of the product,
Please note that we will cancel your order by sending it back to you due to the burden of the handling fee including the postage.

About return sand exchange after ordering

About the return by the customer convenience

In our shop, we cannot accept returns due to customer's convenience, such as "wrong" or "different from image".

About the return by the store convenience such as the product incompleteness

If there is a defect in the delivered product or is different from the contents of the order, we accept returns and exchanges.
We manage the shipment of goods with great care, but by any chance, if the delivery product falls under the following items,
Please contact us within 10 days of arrival of the product. We will respond as soon as possible in good faith.

1. Conditions of response

  • When the product you deliver is different from your order.
  • For the product delivered, if the product condition is significantly different from the product description (please forgive some errors, such as dimensions.) )
  • In the event of damage or shortage due to a transportaccident accident.
  • When a branded product is judged to be a fake product at a directly managed store.
How many days of refund and how to refund

We will process cancellation and refund within 4 business days after confirming the arrival of the returned product.
If the payment method is a credit card, cancel the payment process,
In the case of cash on delivery (cash on delivery) and prepayment settlement, we will transfer it to the customer's designated bank account.

About the procedure of the return

Please contact us by e-mail.

[Customer's name]
[Order number]
[Product name]
[In-store number on the delivery note] (If you do not know, "unknown" is fine.) )
[State of the specific product]

E-mail address:

In principle, we will reply within 24 hours excluding holidays.
The postage related to the return will be a burden of the hagol.

Notes on returns
  • With regard to used goods, due to the nature of handling one point, if it is not possible to exchange, it will be a refund.
    (We will respond to new and stocked items by exchange.) )
  • We cannot be held responsible for the authenticity judgment by the appraisal (own, pawn shop, etc.) other than the directly managed store of the brand goods, and the return and the return after the product is resold.
  • Repair price of purchased products (battery replacement, consumables part, etc.) cannot be borne.
  • In the case of a set product, it is not possible to return only a single item. Be sure to return all items in stock.

About Receipts


Please use the "purchase statement" that is included with the card statement and the product.

In the case of COD>

Please use the "Deposit amount receipt" issued by the carrier.
We do not accept receiptissuance other than the above.

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About payment

The following payment methods are available.

Means of settlement Fee Payment due date

The handling cards are as follows:

Credit cards available

Contractor: Japan Post
Please prepare the amount stated in the mail sent from our store at the time of product delivery. Note: Depending on some areas, we may not be able to accept cash on delivery. In that case, we will contact you by e-mail separately.

For products exceeding 300,000, it will not be possible.
When the carrier delivers your order, you will be charged.
Only for shipments destined for Japan.
It is not available in some areas (remote islands).

330 yen
Convenience store (prepayment)It is currently under review and cannot be used. Convenience stores available

You can pay at a convenience store.
After placing your order, we will send you an email with your payment slip number and the URL of your payment slip.

Customer burden 7 th
PayPal (Paypal)


Free 7 th
Amazon Pay

This is the payment method for using Amazon's registered credit card.

Apple Pay

This is the payment method for using your Apple Pay registered credit card.


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About shipping

Shipping company

Japan Post (Yu-Pack)
Note: Sagawa Express may be used for high-value items of 300,000 yen or more or items of a specific genre.
It is not possible to specify a delivery company by the customer.

The timing of the shipment

If you do not specify a delivery date, in principle, we will ship within 3 business days of completion of your order.
If there is no information of the shipment even after 4 business days after the order completion, thank you so that you can contact us.
In the case of prepayment settlement, we will ship within 3 business days after payment confirmation.

If you do not specify a delivery date, credit, cash on delivery, after confirming your order, we will ship within 3 business days.
Prepaid payment : We ship within 3 business days after payment is confirmed.

The number of days it takes to deliver depends on the destination.
The delivery status is "Baggage slip number" by e-mail at the time of shipment completion, so "please clickPostal Tracking ServicePlease check from.
There is a case that the delivery delay occurs inevitably due to bad weather, a disaster, or the concentration of orders during the sale period.

About the delivery date and time specification

Delivery date and time cannot be specified

Shipping fee list (Japan)

Nationwide flat rate: 630 yen

Products by shipping cost: Products that do not include shipping costs in the product price and do not have individual shipping charges on the product page
Items with shipping: The price of the product includes shipping. Contains products that have individual shipping costs on the products page.

High purchase discount benefits If you order more than 11,000 yen (including tax) per delivery destination, the shipping fee will be 0 yen.
Treatment at the time of collective purchase If you order more than one item by shipping cost per delivery destination, the shipping fee will be the shipping fee for one of the above price list.
If you order products with shipping and shipping at the same time, please refer to the handling of the following items including the shipping cost.
Handling of items with shipping For each delivery destination, if you order a product with shipping cost and a product separate from the postage at the same time, the shipping fee will be calculated from the handling at the time of the above price list and collective purchase.
If there is a product that the shipping cost is set individually on the product page, the postage will be the shipping price + individual shipping cost x number calculated from the handling at the time of the price list and collective purchase.
Shipping consumption tax This price includes consumption tax.
Other treatment of remote islands There is no additional shipping fee even in remote islands and some areas.

About international delivery

We will ship to the destination country other than Japan by EMS.
Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
Shipping costs are flat for each area.

Note 1: Import tax
Customs clearance for international delivery from Japan may be subject to additional import taxes and taxes.
This additional cost must be borne by the customer. Therefore, in this case, you must pay directly to the carrier or customs authorities when you receive the package.
Import tax policies vary from country to country, so please contact your country of customs for more information.

Note 2: Storage period
If your package is not picked up within 30 days, it will be returned to Japan. If it is returned to the store, you will be charged the shipping charges that occurred.
Please contact your local post office to pick up your baggage as soon as possible.
(Long-term absence of consignee, unknown address due to moving, etc.) )

International Shipping Table (Currency is Japanese Yen):

Country of delivery Uniform shipping
<< Asia >>
India, Indonesia, South Korea, Cambodia, Guam, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Bangladesh, Philippines, Bhutan, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos
3,000 yen
  • Even if [free shipping] is listed on the product page, in the case of international delivery, you will be charged the postage.
  • Available only to some regions of Asia and North America.
  • Valuables such as jewelry and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) cannot be delivered because they are non-EMS-handling items.
  • Products regulated by the Washington Convention cannot be delivered outside the country.

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About the warranty of the watch

About the repair guarantee

Products that are listed as "operation guaranteed" are eligible on the page.
Defects that occur in the same place in normal use within one year after completion of the repair will be repaired free of charge.
However, if the warranty period is exceeded and the cause of failure is the following, it will be outside the repair warranty.

    • Failure or watering due to error in the handling and use of the watch
    • Failure due to natural disasters such as fire, flood damage, earthquake, etc.
    • Appearance changes during use (scratches, damage, loss, etc.) of case, glass, and bands
    • If you receive maintenance other than our partner
    • Exterior repair and partial repair
    • If you lose your repair statement/warranty card (please keep the repair statement/warranty form carefully for one year). )

          About the postage when you send the product in the warranty for repair
          Shipping from Japan: Round-trip shipping will be borne by our shop.
        Shipping from overseas: Round-trip shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

    Battery replacement, waterproofing inspection and warranty

      • There is no internal guarantee for battery replacement.
        If there is a delay or stop within 3 months after the battery change, decomposition cleaning (overhaul) may be required.
        If you wish, please contact us.
      • The waterproof test is inspected to see if it is waterproof.
        As you use it, wear and deterioration will decrease the waterproof performance.
        Regular maintenance is recommended to maintain waterproofing.

          The round-trip shipping fee for battery replacement will be borne by the customer.

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